Category: Addiction

  • Cold Turkey Quitting Is The Way To Go

    What’s best, Cold Turkey, or a planned withdrawal from your smoking habit. Opinions range either way, with data online pointing to success rates for both. Much of the decision is based on the truth that smoking is horribly bad for you. The funny thing is we all know this, there is a ton of data […]

  • Alcohol Abuse Leads to Seven Different Kinds of Cancer

    Drinking alcohol may be socially acceptable in small amounts, but if you are a heavy drinker, you are putting your health at risk. We all know that drinking too much causes long-term health problems, not least cirrhosis of the liver, but are you aware that alcohol abuse can raise the risk of seven different types […]

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  • High-Tech or Holistic Addiction Options: Recovery Made Easier?

    The integration of high-tech choices in the healthcare industry has become the new normal for today’s patients, but an increase in high-tech options for patients addicted to drugs and alcohol may be on the rise. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (2016), a mini conference that included the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse […]

  • Advantages of Vaping vs Smoking

    If you have tried without success to quit smoking, “vaping” might finally help you break the habit.  Vaping involves the use of smokeless “e-cigarettes” – rather than burning tobacco, these devices have a mechanism that heats up a liquid until it forms a vapor that is inhaled.  These liquids can be flavored and may or […]

  • How to Avoid Being Painkiller Dependent

    I’m not here to tell you medicine is evil and you should chew on grass to cure your headache. I’m sure you’re right when you take a pill to relieve your headache and tell yourself this isn’t going to become a routine. And maybe you are fine; but there’s some idiot out there who’s drowning […]

  • Per Wickstrom Looks at the Top Substances Causing Addiction in the US

    In the United States there are varying figures on the state of substance abuse but the largest one to date coming from Columbia University as published on US News states that there are over 40 million people with some sort of addiction, which includes cigarettes or tobacco products. While most people don’t think of smoking […]

  • Finding A Cure For America’s Overwhelming Drug Addiction Problem

    It should come as no surprise to learn that America is currently facing a drug epidemic. Unfortunately, more and more Americans are turning to narcotics as a way to escape their pain, depression, and other problems. Just recently, the Mayo Clinic concluded that approximately seventy percent of Americans were consuming at least a single pharmaceutical […]

  • Rehab Vs. Detox: How Treatment Affects Recovery Rates

    Addiction is a problem that affects people from all walks of life. When someone decides that they are ready to change their lives, there are some important decisions that need to be made. The first decision to be made is what kind of support they need. These issues affect people in a variety of ways, […]

  • Can we win against prescription drug abuse?

    The abuse of prescription drugs plays a large and frightening role in society. Some people shop around for doctors to continue receiving prescriptions, and others will take drugs from their relatives and friends. Still others have learned how to feign illness so that they can maintain their addictions. Tackling this type of addiction is often […]