Category: Children’s Health

  • A Parent’s Guide for Battling Their Kid’s Addiction

    For parents, witnessing their children struggle with drug addiction can one be a truly disturbing experiences. A young person who was once full of life, productive, promising and happy has suddenly become disrespectful, defiant and lost the world. Sometimes, due to their involvement in alcohol and drugs, they have lost focus in school and lose […]

  • The Myth of Invincibility: Young People are Developing Autoimmune Diseases More Than Ever

    Most people associate youth with vigor and vitality, but unfortunately, there are a growing number of cases where young people are stricken by autoimmune diseases before they even reach adulthood. While it depends on genetics, the environment or even lifestyle, there are over 80 autoimmune diseases that people as young as six may have to […]

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  • With Summer Coming To a Close, Finish the Season Safely

    The summer season is coming to a close, and if you and your family haven’t had any accidents yet, then you want to keep that record clean for this last chunk of time before new weather patterns hit. Depending on where you live, this conditions might be a bit variable, but if you adjust them […]

  • 7 Rare Diseases that Affect Children

    When it comes to genetics, some children struggle with physical and mental health issues that threaten their lifestyles. Sometimes, their genes turn against them, and rare genetic diseases threaten their lives. Though many of these diseases are unpreventable and incurable, it’s possible to make these children more comfortable and increase their lifespan by simply being […]

  • 3 Ways To Prepare Your Kids for A Healthy School Year

    While schools are a great place for your child to learn about various subjects that will help prepare him or her for a bright educational future, they are also a great place for kids to catch illnesses, get minor personal injuries, and otherwise create certain unhealthy habits. Luckily, there are things you can do as […]

  • Health and Wellness: Specific Information About Nutrition for Babies

    When it comes to adult nutrition, people older than a certain age can pretty much make their own semi-informed decisions about what to put in their bodies. People in the ‘youth’ category have more limited choices because of budget and environmental considerations, but they’re still really in charge of their own bodies. But babies can […]

  • Does Your Child Have ADHD? The Real Problem May Be Their Vision

    ADHD is a common diagnosis among children today, but what if what you think if an attention problem can actually be attributed to your child’s vision? While most cases of ADHD are genuine, in some situations an undiagnosed vision problem may be contributing to your child’s lack of focus, behavioral, and learning difficulties. That’s why […]

  • 5 Ways Sugar Can Impact Your Child’s Health

    The nutrition a child receives as he or she grows from infancy into his or her teenage years has a major impact on health and mental attitudes about food. Their needs are also drastically different than what adults require, but statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveal that ignorance concerning the nutritional […]

  • 3 Hidden Home Toxins That Could Be Harming Your Children

    We all know that we should keep dangerous home cleaners like bleach and ammonia away from children – either eliminating them from our cleaning regimen or locking them up out of reach. But while we carefully lock up certain products, others tend to slip by unnoticed, putting children at risk – and older children are […]