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  • Bacon flavoring from plants?

    Eco-friendly natural chemicals manufacturer Blue Marble found a way (and it’s vegan) Bacon. It’s flavor is so beloved that it has become a social icon; there are nearly as many memes about bacon as there are cats. The taste of bacon is so widely craved that artificial bacon flavoring has been added to a number […]

  • Skywater Revive Review

    A recent survey of North American adults found that over 95 percent of them regularly use some kind of stimulant drink to start their day and to keep up their energy and concentration levels during the day. 80 percent said they regularly use either coffee or tea to start their mornings, and then drink at […]

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  • Top 20 home remedies for gingivitis

    Gingivitis is a popularly medical condition which is concern about gum disease. Otherwise, many researches found the relationships between gum disease with heart and vascular disease. However, you might probably cure gingivitis by top 20 home remedies, including: Salt Salt is always a strong remedy for infection and inflammation. Because of its antiseptic and antibacterial […]

  • detoxifying foods

    25 Detoxifying Foods for Fearless and Confident Health

    Nowadays, a lot of people are suffering from numerous diseases due to eating unhealthy food. Fast foods are still growing, and being built in every establishment that is near us, yet we barely see any restaurants that serve healthy meals. There are many “superfoods” available everywhere in the market, yet we don’t even take notice […]

  • Thanksgiving By the Numbers

      More than half of the calories we consume on Thanksgiving come from carbohydrates. This means, on average, we eat approximately 563 grams of carbs on Thanksgiving—nearly one and a half times the recommended daily intake.1 If you’re already using Plexus Block™ to help block absorption of up to 48 percent of carbs and sugars […]

  • Foods in a Healthy Diet.

    3 Healthy Habits for Looking and Feeling Better

    Most everyone wants to look and feel better than they do now. There are some people that dedicate a sizable portion of their life to doing just that. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time and energy to workout every day and dedicate themselves to staying fit and strong. For those who just want to feel […]

  • The Reason Your Stomach is Inflamed and How It’s Affecting You

    The health crazes as of late have been a little hard to wrap your head around. Everybody seems to have a different opinion about everything so it’s almost impossible to make a decision about how you personally feel about a subject. This means that most people resort to giving up completely. What else are they […]

  • The Benefits of Eating Fish

    Seafood and particularly fish is loaded with important nutrients, such as such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, iodine, magnesium, and potassium. amino acids, fatty acids, vitamin D. All of which are essential to maintaining a healthy body and protect it from the disease. Also, studies have confirmed that fish helps in the prevention of various […]

  • 2 Hearty Fall Soups That Utilize the Magic of Potstickers

    Thursday, September 22 is the first day of fall – and as the weather gets delightfully chilly and you unpack your coats from their summer hibernation, you’re probably going to start craving soup. There really is nothing like pulling out a pot and making a huge vat of rich, hearty soup – and this year, […]

  • Finding Your Balance between Fitness and Nutrition

    Fitness and nutrition are like two sides of the same coin. To be able to stay fit and keep your body well-toned, one has to exercise. Similarly, to be able to stay healthy and nourished, a healthy diet is crucial. This is why these two subjects go hand in hand. Exercise need not be such […]