Category: Mental Health

  • Top 5 Most Refreshing Ideas to Prevent Stress from Controlling You

    “I am feeling stressed!” A statement most of us are familiar with these days due to some underlying condition or multiple causes affecting our well being. The reason can be anything, ranging from exam results to parenthood, job hunting and performance reviews from work. Each causal factor has its own level of intensity and impact […]

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  • 25 Unknown Facts About Dementia

    Author: Audrey Throne Dementia, often confused with Alzheimer’s disease, is not a disease itself. Rather, it is an umbrella word used for different disorders caused by a number of brain illnesses that affect memory, ability to think and carrying on everyday tasks. Dementia is progressive in nature and its symptoms worsen with time. Dementia is […]

  • Post-Stroke Therapy: Combatting Speech And Language Difficulties

    In the United States and Canada, more than one million people suffer from a stroke every year, occurring most often over the age of 65, and an adult person’s chances of an oncoming stroke doubles each decade after hitting middle age. Most debilitating of all is that sufferers rarely come out of a stroke without […]

  • 11 things only a true hypochondriac will relate to

    You should probably get that checked out. Hypochondriacs: You know, those people that are constantly concerned they’re suffering from any and all of the latest and greatest debilitating diseases because of that one tiny symptom they may or may not even have.The imagination can do amazing things. Check out these 11 signs your imagination has […]

  • Feeling Anxious? Here’s How Counseling Can Help

    Has your worry tipped over into the realm of compulsive worrying about this, that, or whatever? It’s not only you. According to one source, anxiety disorders affect 40 million people in the U.S., about 18 percent of the population. Despite being a common mental illness, in fact the most common, only one third of sufferers receive treatment. […]

  • 25 misconceptions of narcissism

    25 Common Misconceptions of a Narcissist

    What is a Narcissist? by Melissa Thompson The vast majority of people are all too familiar with the Greek mythology of Narcissus. Many versions of this tale describe Narcissus being led to a pool of water by the goddess of revenge, Nemesis. He sees his reflection, unaware that it is merely his own mirror image […]

  • 2 Surprising Hobbies that Can Help Reduce Stress

    As most people know, stress is no good for your health. Because of this, it’s a good idea to take steps to reduce stress levels. There are a couple of simple and enjoyable ways to help decrease stress levels. Learning Piano There has been at least one study that shows that when people learn to […]

  • Mental Health Travelling Tips Infographic

    Travelling with mental health issues doesn’t have to limit your experiences. It is estimated that 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem in any given year, with that in mind we have put together an infographic that provide tips and advice on how to travel with mental health issues. Check also our […]